Our physical facilities include interior classrooms, a multipurpose room (for indoor PE classes), playground facilities, an art/ music room, a chapel and a computer room (complete with individual computers for students) and a lunchroom all for the students’ daily use.

The ABeka curriculum is used throughout the school, and stress phonics for reading readiness and the basics in each subject. In addition to ABeka’s foundation, PHCA also uses Purposeful Design, an ACSI publication to further enhance the learning experience in math, science, and Bible. Positive Action is a bible curriculum used in the Preschool classes. To encourage our tactile learners, we are also implementing much of Handwriting Without Tears’ phonics, numbers, and writing supplemental materials.

Our teachers are committed to excellence and are trained in the use of the ABeka, Purposeful Design, and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Their ongoing desire is to see our students succeed in all areas of academics as well as in their spiritual development. Class sizes are small, for a low pupil/teacher ratio.

Weekly, students begin their week with a time in Chapel, where they get the feel of what corporate worship is like. They sing praise music, listen to a guest speaker, fellowship. Students also receive specials classes including Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Spanish, and PE each week in classes from 20 minutes (PreK) to 45 minutes long. Students use these classes to prepare for major productions including Christmas performances and an End of the Year Arts Fair. Our Spanish teacher will instruct our students as young as 2 year old in the language through interactive activities and projects. Our Physical Education program includes everything from intramural competitive games to more individualized strength and fitness training; and our computer introduction includes learning about the computer, using a mouse and being introduced to keyboarding.

In addition to their technology time, each student will be provided a school issued tablet on which they may receive teacher led activities using apps, or independent activities through online programs catered to their age levels. Our Academy is aware of the growing use of technology and seek to provide our students with an early advantage in technology use to further their competence in the world. This is in no means an indication of replacing traditional learning practices, but a means of enhancing their educational experience.

The Academy’s Parent Teacher Fellowship lends invaluable assistance and support to the school and its many activities. Parents are required to invest 12 hours of volunteer service to this organization in order to ensure their commitment to their children, our Academy, and its purposes. This requirement can be fulfilled by means of attending regular meetings, attending prayer walks, chaperoning field trips, or helping out with staffing fundraisers here at the school. We look forward to partnering with you to make the most of your child’s school experience and help us accomplish our desired ministry goal.

Realizing that a private school education is a valuable investment in your child’s education; every effort is being made to keep our tuition costs as low as possible. We currently have the lowest rates in the area and we offer a referral discount of 5% off tuition at the end of the year.