A message from your Principal:

It is an honor to be appointed as the Principal/Administrator of PHCA. I wanted to share with you my vision for this school and the steps we will take to bring it to fruition.

The vision for Potomac Heights Christian Academy is to have highly intelligent students who are strong in their Christian faith, grounded in biblical knowledge, and demonstrate the love only Christ has exemplified. Through academic rigor and consistent study of the bible which starts at an early age, students will develop a strong work ethic, an appreciation for growing their knowledge, and a desire to practice Godly wisdom. Teachers and Parents will be unified in their efforts to mature their students and children to become leaders in their society, who lead with upstanding character holding themselves to biblical standards.

The steps that will be taken to ensure this vision will include:

  • The hiring and retention of Christian teachers and staff, who are active in pursuing a relationship with Christ, involved with ministries within their church, and are actively pursuing continued educational growth.
  • The implementation of a solid Bible curriculum that integrates into every subject throughout the academic day.
  • The implementation of a proven academic curriculum that is rigorous and reflects current trends in education, which will prepare our students to be competitive and ready for assimilation into future schools.
  • Enforcing of the policies described in this handbook with consistency and fairness.

I look forward to serving your families through this academy.

Esther Williams