We are in need of continuous support to ensure that we function successfully.

Our number 1 request for support is: CONTINUOUS PRAYER!!

We could also use monetary support in any form. We have several on going fundraising opportunities that you may be able to help in and it is EASIER THAN YOU THINK!

  • Scrip is a great way to support the school while doing your regular shopping by purchasing gift cards!
  1. Click Scrip ordering for an order form.
  2. See Scrip 2014 to choose which cards you would like to purchase. Note that the %’s are listed to show what will be donated to the school.
  3. Fill out your form and calculate your totals.
  4. Turn in your form with cash, check, or money order in a sealed envelope to PHCA’s office (Or mail it to PHCA Scrip, 37 Glymont Road, Indian Head, MD 20640).
  5. You may pick up your cards from our office within 5-7 days, or if indicated, you will receive your ordered cards within 7-10 days in the mail



  • Stop by our office with your SAFEWAY, GIANT, & TARGET cards and we will sign you up to help us raise money for the school just by doing your normal everyday shopping!
  • Also visit www.GOODSEARCH.com and sign up to donate $.01 for every search you do on the internet. Think about how many searches you do in a day. Maybe 10? That’s $.10 toward our school. Big Deal? Well, in a week that turns into $.70, in a year that’s $36.40! Still not a  big deal? If 10 of you do that, that would turn into $364/year, and if each of you get 10 more people to do that would be $3,640! For surfing the net!!
  • We are also collecting aluminum cans (Just drop off a closed bag of aluminum cans in our collection box in the parking lot next to our brown trash bin.
  • Another way to support us is to come and volunteer your time with our school. See information about our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) under the Parent Center tab.

Thank you!

For a Donation Form you or your company can fill out and send to us to receive a letter you could use for a tax write-off!