Current Summer Packet Information (Coming Soon!)

GRADELINK  Online Grading/Communication/Payment system Now administrators, teachers, and parents can connect in a seamless, real-time environment that’s as simple as using the internet. Gradelink keeps parents totally involved in their child’s academic progress. Easily view class and assignment grades, due dates, upcoming homework and more. Parents and students can download file attachments posted by the teacher including worksheets, permission slips, study guides, and the class syllabus. Requiring no teacher intervention, Automatic Grade Monitoring lets parents receive an email when their child either excels or underachieves in a class. Perfect for the busy parent to stay updated with their child’s academic development.

FAMILY POINT OF CONTACT Parents/Guardians are also expected to be in harmony with the philosophy and policies of PHCA.  We appreciate your input; however, parents/guardians will not be allowed to micro-manage their child’s education or PHCA discipline procedures.  Disrespect of our staff and procedures will NOT be tolerated.  Your child may be dismissed for these infractions. Parents/Guardians promoting or encouraging religious practices other than what we endorse or proselytizing will NOT be tolerated.  Your child may be dismissed for these infractions.

Parental Custody/Non-Custody:  A copy of the guidelines of a current legal custody document must be on file in the PHCA office.  If so designated by the court agreement, the non-custodial parent has the right to review student records and be informed about the student’s progress.  Under no circumstance, will the non-custodial parent be able to visit or pick up their child without a court order stipulating so.  Any changes in custody arrangements are to be communicated to PHCA as soon as the order is valid.  Copies of court documentation are to remain on file in the PHCA office.

UPDATED INFORMATION We strive to stay in constant contact with our parents, with this in mind it is very important that we have all new contact information. If you have recently changed jobs, offices, cell phones, addresses or there is a change in your living situation it is very important that you notify the office immediately so you may be contacted if your child is injured or ill. All new information must be submitted in writing weather it be by fax, email or note from home. Upon receiving this information the office will send home a new emergency contact sheet for the office and your child’s teacher. All Communication will be conducted through GRADELINK. You will receive your log in and password at open house.