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Parent Involvement

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is the support arm of PHCA and is made up primarily of parents. The officers of the PTF are voted on by the membership of the current school year’s PTF.  The elected officers must be approved by the Board of Directors, Administrator, and Pastoral Staff.

PHCA’s Parent Teacher Fellowship lends invaluable assistance and support to the school and its many activities. Parents are required to invest 24 hours of volunteer service to this organization in order to ensure their commitment to their children, our Academy, and its purposes. This requirement can be fulfilled by means of attending regular meetings, attending prayer walks, chaperoning field trips, or helping out with staffing fundraisers here at the school. We look forward to partnering with you to make the most of your child’s school experience and help us accomplish our desired ministry goal.

To ensure that all parents are contributing equally, every family’s volunteer/support efforts will be recorded according to amount of time contributed and/or support through funds raised. PTF meetings will be held quarterly for the duration of 2 hours minimum, all families should attend in order to ensure their input are included when making decisions that will be affect the Academy.

Every family will be required to invest 24 hours of volunteer services from the list below OR contribute up to $500 through fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Volunteer Opportunities List:

  1. Car Line- 8:20am-8:40am Mon-Fri of your choice
  2. Bus Transfer- 8:00am-8:15am @ Smallwood or Henson Mon-Fri; 3:30pm-4:00pm at Gail Bailey, J.C. Parks, or Indian Head elementary Mon-Fri
  3. Lunch Pick up: from Smallwood’s Cafeteria and deliver to PHCA Mon-Friday @ 11:15am
  4. Lunch Distribution: @ PHCA Monday-Friday of your choice 11:30am-12:30noon
  5. Classroom Mom/Dad: Assist in Teacher needs Mon-Fri of your choice
  6. Field Trip Chaperones as needed
  7. Bus Driver: Requires CDL as needed

If hours or support are not met, there may be a financial penalty or families may be unable to register for the upcoming year. Parental support is crucial in the success of the school and we will make every effort to see that our students and staff see and feel the support of our families.


Parents who want to volunteer as a Room Parent for their child’s class are to contact their child’s teacher. Room parents should be in contact with the classroom teacher well in advance of party dates.  The Room Parent is provided a list of students in the class by the teacher with telephone numbers and dates of parties and special events.  The responsibility of the Room Parent is to contact other class parents and arrange for providing items needed for parties and special events scheduled throughout the school year.

Serving as a Room Parent does not include being the primary chaperone on class trips.  Chaperones are selected on a “first note in” basis.  This allows other parents an opportunity to take part in a field trip.