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  • Fee is due at the time of enrollment
    • Returning students: $50 early registration January- February 27th
    • Returning students After March 1st: $100
    • New Student: $100.00

Student Fees due no later than July 1st

  • $325.00 per student
    • Fee covers yearbook, classroom consumable materials, technology, fine arts, P.E. uniforms, 1 school-wide field trip, lab fees, and yearly testing.
    • This fee does not include incidental fees accrued throughout the year such as quarterly field trips, after school programs, extended care, and lunches.
  • If received after August 1st
    • Additional $30 will be added to cover shipping on non-bulk ordered items.
    • Students may not receive uniforms, technology, or other materials on the first day of school

Book Fees – Due no later than July 1st

  • $230.00 per student
  • After August 1st
    • Additional $30 will be added to cover shipping on non-bulk ordered items
    • Students may not receive books on the first day of school.


  • $6,200/ student
  • 10-month payment plan: September-June; due by the 1st; late fee of $30 after the 5th
  • Bi-Annually: Due September & January
  • 1-Time payment in full: Due by September 1st
  • Tuition Discounts
    • Additional 5% referral discount given at the end of the year! Up to 80% off!!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for 2016-2017: August 29th, 2016

Schedule of Fee Payments:

Date Due Fee Additional Directions
July 1, 2016


Student Fees: $325 Payment must be made by July 1st, or $30 late charge will be added.


Book Fees: $230
September 1, 2016 Tuition Agreement Review and sign Tuition Agreement in the office and make first payment by September 5th.
May 1, 2017 Credits Any credits for referrals will be given in April.
Due by the 5th of every month August – May $620.00 10-monthly payments made to the office either by check/money order, cash, or online through Gradelink account